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Name/Handle: Mari
Contact: [plurk.com profile] ghoulfriend
Reference: n/a
Other characters: Haruka Tenoh

Character name: Ken Ichijouji
Character journal: [personal profile] empireofmymind
Series name: Digimon Adventure 02
Canon notes: Post-canon, pre-Tri

Species: Human

History: Wikimon (Digimon wiki) entry

Personality: Ken has done a lot of growing up lately. At first a boy crouching in his brother's shadow, hating himself for being "normal" but also for resenting said brother, Ken chooses escapism upon his brother's death. Upon provocation from villains glad to find an easy victim, Ken flees to the Digital World and his persona as the cruel Digimon Kaiser, seeking a world in which he's both chosen and "perfect", has total control, and can act without consequences.

Upon realizing his own delusions, Ken begins trying to live as himself - but first has to figure out exactly who "himself" might be. Because he never spent much time feeling valued or interacting with others, Ken's introspective in a self-absorbed way. He tries to relate every new piece of information or detail back to his own situation, obsessed with discovering his place in the world. Fortunately for him, he finds it: he's a Chosen Child, sworn to protect the Digital World; a friend to his fellow Chosen; a partner and older brother figure to Wormmon; and a loving son who finally knows himself loved and valued in turn.

His sense of identity secure, most of Ken's current troubles are caused by his own skewed perspective. Though he possesses incredible attention to detail, he tends to lose sight of the big picture, or only grasps said big picture once a detail alludes to it. He also has difficulty accepting things happen for no reason: to Ken, every action has a purpose, from which some deeper meaning or interpretation can be extrapolated.

This tendency to extrapolate combines with his obsession about being singled out, stemming from being overlooked all his life: he doesn't ask his puppetmasters so much "Why me?" as "Why did it have to be me?", as if what's occurred is the only possible outcome. He's also equated usefulness and worth for years, and is only just beginning to embrace the tiny things that make life beautiful, which he's never been mentally prepared to appreciate before.

Yet for all his mental baggage, Ken's still able to focus when it matters and get the job done. When given a purpose he's near unstoppable, and works consciously to surmount both his external enemies and his own bad habits - be these habits as major as a desire to avoid what's painful or as simple as inexperience in social situations. (Ken remains a rather stiff, serious boy; he'll loosen up around his friends, but has awkward social skills otherwise. He alternates between brusqueness and not completing unpleasant sentences, walks away abruptly when he considers a conversation over, and spends so much time thinking over everything that occasionally his blunt pronouncements sound like non sequiturs.)

But just because expressing himself isn't easy doesn't mean Ken won't try, focusing on self-improvement but equally concerned about others' well-being. Ken cares deeply about his friends and family, and is conscientious even in the midst of battle - he stresses, for example, that they shouldn't fight Digimon within Mayan ruins, as the ruins are priceless cultural heritage. When he's overwhelmed, he's not ashamed to cry, but alternatively refuses to simply allow other people be hurt or manipulated as he was. He even uses his guilt over being the Kaiser for noble ends: because he’s the one who committed a terrible error, he’s also the one who needs to set things right. Ken simply won’t leave any issue alone until he’s satisfied with the results, and thrives on being able to make a difference.

Most importantly, he’s embraced that he’s only human. Ken can’t get over being the Digimon Kaiser; that’s not something one can ever put behind oneself. But he can live accepting that he made a mistake, cherishing himself in spite of his flaws, and focusing on what he can do in the present instead of the errors he can’t erase in the past. This acceptance of his own weakness and determination to live in the present day drives him now, and he’s focused on keeping his life that way.

Abilities: Ken is a "Chosen Child", a human bonded to a Digimon partner. He possesses a "Digivice" that allows him to evolve his Digimon, Wormmon, into stronger forms, and a "Crest of Kindness" that represents his dominant trait. The Digivice can be used for a lot of other purposes, like opening a gate to the Digital World or serving as a general plot device, that are all neutralized upon his arrival in the Fleet. He also will be arriving, as per the no-pets rule, without Wormmon - but should Wormmon ever appear in an event etc., a list of his different forms can be found here.

On his own, Ken's intelligent (if not a genius anymore) and physically fit. He's also very sensitive to negative energy, so if the Fleet ever goes anywhere particularly steeped in darkness/bad karma it might freak him out.

Augment Skillset: Civilian - Roomba babysitter maintenance
Sample: Here!