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[OOC] Reference: Wormmon's Evolution Line

About Digimon
Digimon or "digital monsters" are packets of data given form and sentient life; they inhabit a "Digital World" that combines digital data with the ability to turn emotions into power. In times of crisis, children are called to the Digital World to supply this power to a Digimon, who was born just to partner with them. A child whose Digimon has waited for them its entire life, as a result of being selected to defend the world alongside that child, is known as a "Chosen Child", and that Digimon is their "partner Digimon".

Depending how a Digimon is raised, it will "evolve" to different forms upon receiving sufficient energy. Digimon in the wild achieve this over time, but Digimon partnered with Chosen Children can do so by receiving the strength of the child's emotions via the "Digivice" linking human to Digimon. (Evolution can also happen in response to the child's life being in danger, but the stronger the evolution, the stronger the emotion/force of will that's necessary to make it occur).

These evolutions are temporary: upon running out of energy, the Digimon will regress to a lower form. Devolution usually happens in the following circumstances:

-As a result of battle (losing or simply being tired afterwards)
-As a result of hunger (evolution is also impossible when a Digimon is hungry)
-To save energy while staying in the real world (energy decreases further when not around the human partner)

A Digimon's progress along their "evolution line" is marked by a series of "levels", the names of which correspond roughly to stages in human life. The usual level progression is as follows:

Baby 1 >>> Baby 2 >>> Child >>> Adult >>> Perfect >>> Ultimate

If a Digimon is raised "properly", it will gain power and maturity the higher up this level system it climbs; a Digimon whose evolution was sparked by negative energy or emotions stands a higher chance of becoming corrupt and going berserk. There's no guarantee, therefore, that one's Digimon will evolve into the same thing every time - but the children's Digimon do have an "evolution line" they usually follow.

In the animé, Wormmon has only evolved along a single evolution line. That line follows.

Wormmon's Evolution Line

Level: Baby 1
Attribute: Data
Attack: Acid Bubbles - blows bubbles at the enemy.
Information: The form in which Wormmon was reborn. He reverts to this form after evolving to Perfect or Ultimate by combining with V-mon, partner to Ken's friend Daisuke. If he's in this form, you know he's beat.
Additional Links: DMA Digi-Dex, Digimon Wiki, Size Reference

Level: Baby 2
Attribute: Data
Attack: Pinecone, Worm Barrier - never seen in the animé
Information: The form Wormmon takes on occasion in the real world, to conserve energy. If he's in this form, he's saving energy, tired, or hungry.
Additional Links: DMA Digi-Dex, Digimon Wiki, Size Reference

Level: Child
Attribute: Virus
Attack: Sticky Net - shoots a web at the enemy to catch them in place; can fire single strands of sticky webbing from his mouth without announcing the attack (for things like swinging across gaps, etc)
Information: The form in which Wormmon will most commonly be seen.
Additional Links: DMA Digi-Dex, Digimon Wiki, Size Reference

Level: Adult
Attribute: Virus
Attack: Spiking Finish - His spiked shoulderpads lift, and magenta energy blades unsheathe from one or both of the gauntlets on his wrists; he then swoops down to impale his enemy for the finishing blow. He's also been shown sparring in midair and performing rapid-fire kicks, though these lack an attack name.
Information: The form Wormmon evolves to for combat. If he's in this form, he's likely on a mission with Ken, or else there's an emergency.
Additional Links: DMA Digi-Dex, Digimon Wiki, Size Reference

Notes About Wormmon's Line
Whether Ken is capable of evolving Wormmon beyond the Adult Level is not shown in TV canon. I will therefore not be evolving Wormmon beyond Adult Level unless Plot Shenanigans require me to select Perfect and Ultimate types - options for the Wormmon line are given in non-animé materials.

I will also not be using the alternate evolution method, Armor Evolution, with Wormmon - the CD drama in which Ken Armor Evolves Wormmon stands pretty clearly as a non-canon adventure. If the Digimon cast at any game I play Wormmon at gains a Daisuke, however, I'll consult with the player regarding Jogress Evolution. (Ken is post-canon, when Jogress is supposedly "no longer needed" - but if Daisuke's mun wanted to Jogress/V-mon was from earlier in the timeline, I think we could get around that.)