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[OOC] Reference: Links & Scans

Collection of translated material, bonus features, interviews, and thought-provoking fanstuff. Eternally under construction and mostly for my own reference, though people interested in Ken/his canon are welcome to click around.

Ken's image song (Listen here!)
Wormmon's image song (Listen here!)
Ken & Wormmon duet (Listen here!)
Spring 2003 Drama CD - Ken's post-canon life (Listen here!)
Drama short - Ken likes jogging
Team Comments - Ken, Wormmon, and the hot springs

Christmas Short Drama - Ken likes origami?
Omake - Ken & Wormmon on the water

Interview with Romi Park about Ken
Interview with the writer in charge of the "dark" characters
Interview with the producer, incl. origins of Ken & 02

Fan Essays/Websites
Beak of the Finch - To this day, the most interesting collection of Ken essays I have ever found. Also proof that all characters named Daisuke are best described with water imagery.
Psychology and the Chosen - I don't fully subscribe to all of this (it seems a little overstated) but it's great brain food for sorting out one's opinions.

General 02 Trivia
Honorifics Tables
Birthday Speculation (based on grade levels)
Location Map - Odaiba etc.

Memorial Collection - Digimon Kaiser
Memorial Collection - Ken Lineart
Memorial Collection - Winter Clothes, Family, & Wormmon
Memorial Collection - Wormmon's Evolutions
Memorial Collection - Movie 4 Lineart

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